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Green Cleaning Services in San Francisco Bay area

Green Cleaning Services

No job is too big or small for us! We provide tailor-made green cleaning custodial services for numerous types of facilities, including: Healthcare Facilities, Educational Facilities, Office Buildings, Retail Establishments, Restaurants and Food Chains, Movie Theaters, Country Clubs, Places of Worship, Auto Dealerships

Green Cleaning Services in the bay area

We offer a wide range of services which we custom tailor to fit each clients cleaning needs

Victor's Green Cleaning Services is available weekly, every other week, monthly or one-time.

Have you decided to clean up your house/office? Do you want to use products you have in you cleaning arsenal? Before realizing your wish read what you can add to your environment by this cleaning.

Many cleaning products contain chemicals irritating your eyes, skin, and they can be very dangerous if swallowed. Some of them have sodium hydroxide permanently burning your skin and yes. Furniture polishes contain nerve-damaging petroleum distillates. Many air sprays have harmful particles that can lodge in your lungs. So now you understand the importance of green natural cleaning our company can provide you with.

Victor’s Cleaning Services uses the best organic green products. Our cleaning chemicals meet OSHA standards (Occupational Safety and Health Administration). We ensure that all risks involving cleaning should be identified and eliminated in a proper way. We use only herbal disinfectants while cleaning bathroom and cleaning surfaces. When you choose our company’s green organic cleaning- you get natural organic supplies that include at least 98 % natural ingredients.

Using green cleaning services – you make healthy choice and step towards longer life! This choice helps you to take care about people you love. When it comes to green cleaning you do not have right to save money on it because it equals to saving money on the health, well-being of your family members!

Remember if it’s not Green-it’s not cleaned!

Call us today and our trained team will help you to make your home really clean, green using eco-friendly cleaning supplies !

Green Cleaning Services

Please invite us for a totally free estimate and we are going to give the best price you can get. We believe that Quality shouldn’t be a trade off for cost. You need to get both: a quality cleaning at an reasonably priced quote.

We clean Bay Area's Business at Affordable Price!

If you are in need of a reliable company that can clean to your exact specifications, the wide range of professional janitorial cleaning services that Victor’s Cleaning provides will help your office or business facility stay clean and healthy, both inside and out!.

Quality Green Cleaning Products

Victor’s Green Cleaning Services uses high quality green products and incorporated the latest cleaning technology in order to deliver superior cleaning results. In addition to providing cleaning performance, the cleaning chemical we use are formulated to reduce potencial harmful impacts on human health as well as the environment.

Our products offer a compelling combination of performance, health and safety, along with an environmentally prefereble profile.

Whether you want your house professionally cleaned weekly, biweekly, monthly, or just one time we have the plan for you. Our services are tailored to meet your needs and customized to fit your budget. In addition to regularly scheduled servicing, Victor’s Cleaning also provides move in/move out cleaning options. Whatever your needs, we are sure to meet them!

Put your mind at ease and let Victor’s Green Cleaning take care of your home for you. We supply everything we need to get your house in tip-top shape. We can come in and do our job while you’re at work using employees you can trust. With our flexible scheduling we can work around your busy day, providing services that fit your busy lifestyle. Get a free quote or call with any questions you may have. Your satisfaction is our highest priority!