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Carpet Cleaning Services

Residential & Commercial Carpet Cleaning

A dirty carpet is the ideal place for bacteria and germs to multiply. You may never notice it but there is deeply embedded dirt and dust under your carpet. Dirt and dusts are the primary causes of most allergies. You can never get rid of carpet dirt and dust through vacuum cleaning alone.

Carpet is the largest air filter in your home. It filters and traps soils, pollutants, gases, and animal dander out of the air. Just like your HVAC filter, it needs to be cleaned to maintain your families health. That is why you will certainly need help from our professional carpet cleaning crew. We can assure you that your carpet will be restored to its former beauty. You can certainly enjoy a nice looking carpet without buying new ones.

Victor’s Cleaning – your one stop shop for all your cleaning needs! Whether you are a private residence or a commercial establishment, whether you have a Persian rug or an antique one – we are the people you need to contact for all your needs as far as carpet cleaning is concerned. We are one the most well known carpet cleaners San Francisco Bay Area has and you can be sure that you will like our work. We can remove years of dust and grime from your carpet and the end result will look like something almost new.

We serving all San Francisco bay area

How To Make Your Carpets Look Like New

Replacing carpets after accidents, spills and hard to remove dirt can be very expensive. That’s why we at Victor’s Cleaning Services are busier than ever with our professional carpet cleaning service because more and more people want clean, fresh carpets at a very affordable price.

We help your Carpets look like new as well as give you big savings on getting your carpets professionally cleaned by us. Protecting the money you’ve spent on quality carpets.

OUR FIVE-STEP CARPET CLEANING PROCESS combined with our expert technician top of the line, truck-mounted and powered hot water extraction method removes the deepest dirt, spots, allergens, and cleaning solution. .


Detailed Carpet Inspection & Analysis

Our cleaning technicians will do a careful analysis of your carpet to identify the material of your carpet to use the correct cleaning process for your unique carpet.


Spot Cleaning.

Our technicians will begin to remove spots giving special attention to hight traffic areas, and identify the origin of the spots to use the correct cleaning process.


Deep Steam Cleaning

Our technicians will inject deep within carpet fibers our cleaning solution. Our industry’s most advanced carpet cleaning system will extract the deepest dirt, soil based stains, oil-based stain and allergens


Fiber Rinse.

To completely remove the cleaning solution and provide softer cleaning carpet the fiber rinse is applied. It also speeds drying time with our top of the line turbo air movers.



Your carpet is groomed, allowing it to dry faster and distribute carpet protector and deodorizer evenly.